Forex Trading For Money Managers

Forex Trading For Money Managers

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Forex funds have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. From a Forex Trader’s perspective, it’s perfectly clear as to why Forex funds are so popular: a skilled Forex fund/money manager can rake in a substantial income and continue to trade his own cash.


About the Course

Successful Forex Traders attract the working wealthy and small businesses looking for safety and superior returns. These funds woo investors who want to participate in the Forex markets but who know that they do not have the time or expertise to trade their own accounts. For a successful Forex trader, a Forex fund is an efficient, legal, and professional way to trade your own money along with the money of those who want to benefit from your expertise. This course present a great opportunity with an accelerated learning programme of the highest value, led by world-class Forex trading experts; with over 280 hours of on-demand video, theories, exercises, and interactive content including online classes and live chats with our world-class trading trainers.


You will learn: –

1.       How to set up Forex Fund
2.       Multi-Account Management (MAM)

3.       Percentage allocation money management (PAMMs)

  1. Investment performance measurement and attribution analysis
  2. Portfolio structures, Portfolio construction and asset allocation
  3. Fund policies, practices and restrictions
  4. Trading strategies for fund managers
  5. Risk controls and benchmarking
  6. Portfolio Management
  7. Money Management
  8. Risk Management

Through hard work and top notch education provided in this course, you will be able to set up your Forex Fund with a proper structure and in a successful way.

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Forex Trader to Forex Fund Manager: Starting a Forex Fund. This course is design to level up Successful Forex Traders to become Forex Money Managers or Fund Managers.


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