Forex Trading For Hedge Fund Managers

Forex Trading For Hedge Fund Managers

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This course will help you understand the structure and operation of hedge funds, trading
strategies used by hedge fund, regulation of hedge fund industry and ultimately how you can set up
your Forex Trading Hedge Fund.
Hedge funds market has seen huge growth potential in last decade and seems to be expanding
with Hedge fund managers enjoy high salaries, working with some of the leading financial
analysts in the world. This course present a great opportunity with an accelerated learning
programme of the highest value, led by world-class Forex trading experts; with over 140
hours of on-demand video, theories, exercises, and interactive content including online
classes and live chats with our world-class trading trainers.
You will learn: –
1. Introduction to hedge funds
2. Hedge fund operations
3. Hedge fund Forex trading strategies
4. Issues for hedge fund investors
5. Performance evaluation techniques
6. Setting up your Forex trading hedge fund
7. Sourcing for capital or investors for your hedge fund
8. Three best strategies used by top-earning hedge-fund managers
9. The 25 highest earning Forex Hedge Fund Managers and how they started and
achieve great success
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The Hedge Fund industry is the fastest growing part of the asset management industry and
this course is crucial for anyone who wants to be ready for this growth in the Forex market.


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