Forex Trading for Intermediate

Forex Trading for Intermediate

KShs10,000 KShs9,000

This course will teach you skills and techniques necessary for analyzing the Forex
market and doing profitable Forex trading.

This Course Forex Trading for Intermediate Traders will give you the great opportunity to
learn important skills and techniques to become a Successful Forex Trader. With over 160
hours of on-demand video, theories, exercises, and interactive content including online
classes and live chats with our trainers. You will learn the skills of: –
1. Fundamental Analysis
2. Sentimental Analysis
3. Technical Analysis
4. Market Psychology
5. Candlestick patterns
6. Risk Management
7. Chart pattern
8. Price Actions
9. Trading Plan
By taking this course, your understanding of trading Forex will change forever. You will
understand that most of your past losing trades were so obvious to avoid if you had the
chance to use the knowledge provided by this course.
Taking this course is a chance that will open up for you new opportunities and new successful
and profitable Forex trading.



This course is vital for every serious trader who wants to take his trading into professional


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